Are your circumstances causing deafness?

But they wouldn’t listen to him, because they were so discouraged, and their slavery was so cruel. (Ex 6:9)

After years of oppression, trial and slavery the Israelites were stuck. They wanted out of their circumstances. They wanted God to release them out from under the Pharaohs rule. They had been calling out in prayer to their Lord, but because they had been entrenched in difficult circumstances for hundreds of years they did not trust Moses when he came to them with Gods message. God had given Moses a message of promise for the Israelites. The message was that he was going to release them out from under the Pharaoh and take them to the land of “milk and honey”. They should have been celebrating with hope and assurance because God had heard their prayers and was answering them. Instead, Moses faced their disbelief.

Circumstances are real. We experience them all of the time, every day. Just like the Israelites, we can have years and years of seemingly unending trial and burden. Sickness, poverty, death, pain, and brokenness. Many of us believe in God, so as we are faced with these trials and painful circumstances we often pray for his help. We ask him to lift us out of our circumstances, we ask him to bring relief. Sometimes years and years go by and our circumstances do not change and we wonder where is our God? Is he hearing our prayers?

We also look around us and wonder why evil seems to prosper? Why is it, that just like the Pharoah, we have people in our lives who don’t love God and suppress us, hurt us and discourage us. Even worse, why do they seem to prosper in their cruelty and unbelief? We live Godly lives and are constantly burdened, they live ungodly lives and seem to be happy and wealthy? Why doesn’t God do something about this? It seems incredibly unfair.

Gods word tells us not to trust in our circumstances, but instead to keep our eyes on him. God IS working on our behalf, even though our lives may reflect constant difficult circumstances. Just like he sent Moses with a message for the Israelites, he will also send a messenger to us, letting us know he will be bringing us relief. Are we prepared to hear that message? Will we believe this message when he sends it to us? Or, will we respond like the discouraged Israelites and fail to listen to his promises.

Here is your promise: God loves you. He will not fail nor forsake you. He is fighting on your behalf and will lift you out of your oppression. He will do these things because he loves his people and never fails at performing on his word. You may not believe it, you may not trust it, you may not understand it, but God will do it anyway. All he asks of you is to keep your eyes on him.

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