Choosing a life worthy of pursuit

     In Matthew 10:29 Jesus is quoted saying “whoever finds his own life will lose it, but whoever loses his own life for my sake will find it.” in John 12:25 he is quoted again saying “He who loves his life loses it, but he who hates his life in this world will keep it into eternity.”  
     What does it mean to “lose our life”?  How do we lose our life and then find it again? How do we love our life and lose it, hate it and then keep it into eternity?  Does Jesus mean that if we sacrifice our careers for raising our children, put our spouses wishes before our own, or give up many of our own desires for someone or something else, that we will find our life somehow again?  No, that is not the life sacrifice he is talking about here.  He is talking about much more.
      So, does he mean that if we hate our circumstances, hate how we are living, hate where we work, hate our marriages, hate our relationships, and/or hate many of the other components which define our life, if we hate all of these things, then we are on the road to eternity?  No, this is not what Jesus mean’t.
     Yes, Jesus is talking about sacrifice.  Yes, Jesus is stating we need to hate our lives.  Yes, Jesus is telling us to lose our life.  But what Jesus is really asking for is that we give up all that we know, all that we desire, all of our ambitions, all of our personal goals, and all of our own plans and to hate all of those things we think are important to our lives, all of those things we we love more then we love him.  We are to give up EVERYTHING about our own lives, lay them all down, and pursue ONLY those things that are important to him.   To live a life of service only to our King.  If we sacrifice all that we want, for only those things he wants, then we will find our life and live it forever.   Not just for this lifetime, but, forever into eternity.   Conversely, is he also saying that if we don’t give up our life, if we don’t lose our life for his, if we don’t hate our lives, that we won’t make it into heaven and live into eternity?  Yes, I believe so.   To be certain that we will live into eternity is to surrender fully and completely our lives to serve only our King, if we do not do this, then we cannot be certain we will gain eternal life.
     A life of eternity is up to you. You can roll the dice and continue to follow your own life ways or you can surrender to King Jesus and pursue a life worthy of eternity. Remember, you are living your life out by every decision you make moment by moment and its how you walk it out that will determine your future. Are you basing your life’s decisions upon your own desires or are you living your life based upon serving Jesus? At some point you will be held accountable for all of your decisions, and they WILL and do determine your destiny. Choose wisely.

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