Your never too old to have a happy childhood!


Jesus said: “I tell you the truth unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven”  (Matthew 18:3)

God truly has a sense of humor.  We spend our childhood working towards becoming adults, just to discover as adults, that we should have stayed childlike.

Matthew took some great notes as he followed Jesus around.  The notes were so highly regarded by the Lord, that he allowed them to make his book.  His book which is to be our life study guide, the Bible.  Within Matthew’s notes, we also find more copious text which appears in red.  The red draws our eyes to it, sets it apart from the rest of the text, and denotes it as being even more important.  Most of the bible does not have this red text.  Only the New Testament books contain the red text, because the red text denotes the words of our Saviour and our Lord, King Jesus.

As followers of Jesus, it’s very important to pay attention to what he says, because His words give us keys to our destiny, our freedom, and our life’s meaning.  Our final destination is Heaven, but our lifetime on Earth is our journey in getting there.  Surely, if we are focused on getting to Heaven, we must pay even more attention to the scriptures that give us hints as to how that is to be accomplished.

Jesus, says in Matthew 18:3, that we must become like little children in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  That implores us to understand that in his eyes, we are not like children, we have become and behave like adults.   This is very confusing.   We are adults who in Jesus’ words, need to become like little children.   Most of us have been working towards becoming more “mature” and adultlike because we have been raised to believe this is the proper way to live.   Now we find out after we have become adults, that we shouldn’t have become adults, but instead should have stayed as little children.   That’s a mind-bender.   God surely has created us to physically, emotionally and spiritually grow, but at the same time, we are to stay like children?  Jesus says that its a requirement, not a suggestion, that we become childlike or we will NEVER enter Heaven.  How do we do this?  How do we spiritually, physically, and emotionally grow, yet become like little children?

Jesus’ implies that we have lost something in our process of becoming adults that we need to restore. God has designed us to grow and to mature, so we can’t help but become adults.  However, we are also to understand that even as much as we are growing older and maturing we need to submit, surrender and trust our Father.    We must be dependant upon Him.

One of our greatest barriers to dependence on God is our strive for independence.    In our journey to adulthood,  we have lived our lives trying to and becoming an independent and self-sufficient individual.  In this journey, we have built platforms that enable us to be confident in our own thoughts and abilities and to rely less and less on our one true Father.  Now as adults, seeking the Lord and his Kingdom, we discover that this journey has been in vain and these platforms are not secure, but truthfully instead,  are very dangerous.  These platforms deceive us into believing that all is good and secure when truly things are very bad and very shaky.  These platforms are indeed lifting us up, but not to the right place, nor to the right people.  They are elevating us up in front of our own eyes and maybe those of the culture that surrounds us, but they are not elevating us up in front of the eyes of our Father.

So pay attention to Jesus’ words, and go to him in reverence and humility.  Apologize for becoming adultlike and ask him to make you childlike.  Ask him to reveal to you where you have built false platforms and ask him to remove them.  Ask him to show you how to build platforms that are secure only in him.   Be willing to give up your adulthood to become more childlike.  Don’t wait, but do this today.  Your freedom, your destiny and your life’s journey depends upon it.

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