Lift your head – it ain’t over yet.  Your super hero is coming!

Its all about the ability to sustain through darkness and pressure when God isn’t answering prayers and your dreams seem to be passing by like clouds in a high wind.     Its all about the ability to believe when time after time your heart gets hit with unfulfilled promises and desires.  Its all about seeing the light when the room is completely dark.  Its all about knowing that the prosperity will come when the creditors are at the door and the bank accounts are empty.  Its all about getting up and moving forward when every ounce of energy has been drained from your body because of hardship, heartache, and high water. Our body is broken, our mind says give up, but that deep still voice in our soul says “get up, don’t quit!”

I believe in the underdog.  I love hardship to victory stories.    My favorite stories to read and favorite movies to watch are those where the underdog is backed into a corner with no way out, the enemy has them trapped, all of their resources are gone, they are barely holding on to life, and just when it seems the story is over, the hero miraculously arrives, destroys the enemy and the underdog is rescued.  I love those stories and so does God.

Most of us, especially those of us who have grown up in America, have lived very good lives. I’m not minimizing the fact that many of us have had to work through sickness, heartache,  death of close relatives and friends, job loss, etc.  But compared to other parts of the world where people are fighting for food, water, clothes and even their lives, our hardships really aren’t that bad.    Most of us, if we were brought to those countries and given a choice between the hardship we are dealing with and living waterless, foodless lives in these other countries, we would take our hardship and be grateful.  The problem is that when we are in a deep hole of pain, we can’t appreciate the pain and the loss of others.  We instead get isolated and trapped in our own brokenness, we feel like there is no way out and we are out of resources and we spiral into darkness.

Don’t lose hope, instead believe.  It is in our darkest moments when our true super hero will arrive.   The super hero who overcame death can come to save you.  The super hero who can walk on water and calm storms loves you beyond measure.  The super hero who can overcome every affliction, every disease, every loss, can also give you a brand new life.   Jesus loves to rescue those who are in their darkest moments and renew their spirit and heal their soul, so don’t give up, instead believe in your super hero.  Don’t quit, it ain’t over yet!  Lift up your head and call on Jesus.

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