Freedom in the Spirit


As I was walking along the lakeshore this morning I noticed the trees were rustling, the water was splashing noisily against the shore, the birds were struggling to fly and the runners were pushing to keep their pace.   All of this was evidence of a strong wind, but I couldn’t see it.

The wind is hard to describe.  It gently blows by on a hot day, and yet fiercely rages through during a hurricane.   It suspends birds in flight, and keeps a sailboat moving.  It bends trees, slams doors, and creates snow drifts.   It transports our weather, rolls seas, and generates electrical power through windmills.  No one will deny its existence, yet we can’t see it.

The wind defines freedom as it can’t be controlled, tamed or confined.  It comes and goes at will.  Such is the way of the Holy Spirit.   The Holy Spirit comes and goes at will and it is defined by the evidence it leaves.  It heals, it inspires, it coaches, it warns.   It can’t be seen, but it brings life.  Many deny the Spirit exists because they don’t see the evidence of His work.  I believe many don’t see the Spirit because they fail to acknowledge it IS His work.

One of the greatest gifts from God is the gift of the Spirit.  We are encouraged through Gods word to listen to and follow the promptings of the Spirit.  The more I acknowledge the Spirit, the more I see Him.   I have to admit, it seemed a little crazy at first, but now over time I see the Spirit working all of the time.   He is in air we breath, the cry of a new baby, the miracle of a saved life, the perfect timing of a seemingly “random” event, and the reason for every healing.   I have learned to trust in the Spirit as I trust in the wind.  I cannot see Him, but I acknowledge the evidence of His existence.  The funny thing is, that as I acknowledge His existence and listen to His promptings, the freer I have become.

One thought on “Freedom in the Spirit

  1. paula kraut says:

    Once we recognize and tune in to the Holy Spirit, we truly understand that God created us to have a personal relationship with Him. I am in awe of that truth everyday! I am so thankful He loves me that much…..

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