Ignoring the Obvious

ignoring the obvious

Beside the barriers blocking the pathway and the lake flooded over the road, do you notice anything a little funny about this picture?  (hint: note what the sign says)

It says “Caution, lake ahead” (the sign is buried in water by the way).  Does anyone else see the irony in this picture besides me?

I walk past this scene frequently out on my daily walk.  Its been a very wet fall so the water has been high like this for several weeks now.  What interests me most about this whole situation is apparently there really is a need for barriers and a sign warning people not to go any further because of the lake ahead.  Really?  Are there people out there who would ignore the obvious and drive themselves right into the water?  Drive themselves right into a very possible life threatening situation?  Apparently, there is.   Which led me to this thought:  “Wow, that would be really insane, I’m sure glad I’m smarter then that.”   But before I got too prideful and started to critically condemn “those insane people”, my inner Spirit intervened and asked me this:  “How often do YOU ignore the obvious?  How often, in spite of very obvious warnings, do YOU move right through the barriers that God puts before you and proceed into danger?”  Now that statement hit my heart with a little bit of conviction.  My pride quickly wanted to say “very rarely”and move on, but my inner Spirit said “take a minute before replying and answer it honestly”.   I don’t need a minute to answer that questions honestly.   I need one second, and my answer would be “quite often”.

In this fast paced, often culture driven world, it is very easy to push through the barriers and avoid the warnings that God puts in front of us.  Why?  Because most of the time we aren’t watching or listening for Him.  Instead, we listen to the chatter of “experts”, we watch the way other’s behave and often model it, we read and apply knowledge gained through the writings of educated and experienced scholars, and/or we take the pathways of least resistance.    These strategies can work, but many times they may lead us down the wrong road, or to a dead end, or if we’re not paying attention, they might even lead us right into trouble!

Harley rider’s need to pay attention to the signs if they are going to have a safe journey.    Often times, the signs are subtle and trouble can be very unexpected.    After years on the road, experienced riders have learned to keep their eyes and ears open and look for the move of God’s Spirit to show them the signs.    I believe this is a good strategy for everyone, and not just the Harley riders.

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