Wanted: Freedom Seekers

Each one of us has a longing in our heart.  A longing that calls us to a different place.

We aren’t born with our life’s autobiography in hand.  A reference book which reveals every step in our life’s journey from beginning to end.   Nope.  Life isn’t that clear.

Instead, we live our lives from circumstance to circumstance.  Circumstances that are up, down, good, bad, rich, poor, lonely, exciting, fast, slow, painful, painfree, and the list can go on.  We oftentimes let our life circumstances define us and by the time we hit 50 our joy is gone and our hope has waned.   Reflecting back on our lives, we wonder if we have it in us to really live life fully to the end and what that would even look like.

This blog is about living a life as if your a harley rider.   Being carefree and spirit filled.   Exploring new places and experiencing them with wonder.   Taking risks without calculating the consequences.  Turning onto the path less traveled and riding it to the end.  Ever wonder what that is like?

This blog is about daring to be different in a world of conformity.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

PS.  If you would like to experience a Harley ride in Sturgis, open this link:  Ridin’ in the wind.


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